Updated Monday September 16, 2019 by George Shamah.

Calendar raffle ticket WINNERS!! 
As stated on the tickets, we pick the winners for the week on Sunday. 
So here are the results so far !! (scroll down)

For Sept 1st $50
Raymond Wright of Woodland Park

Sept. 2nd $25
Kenny Czechowski of Secaucus

Sept. 3rd $25
Vicki Bruce of Elmwood Park

Sept. 4th $55
Anthony Myslek of Clifton

Sept. 5th $20
Agness Irwin of Wayne

Sept. 6th $25
Sandra Douris of Lake Hopatcong

Sept. 7th $250
David Herman of Elmwood Park

Sept 8th   $25

MS. Elizabeth Thompson  of Elmwood Park

Sept 9th  $75

Karen Olsen of Lake Hopatcong

Sept 10th  $20

Delshe Thonpaon of Harrison (Donated it back to the Bombers)

Sept 11th  $55

Adrienne Cox of Carlstadt

Sept 12  $25 

Daniel Sanchez of Saddle Brook 

Sept 13th  $20

Cheri Montaito of Fort Lee

Sept 14th  $ 50

Raul Martinez  of Union City

Sept 15th $20

Charlie Lesho of Carlstadt

Sept 16th  $25

Helena Matteo of Elmwood Parl

Sept 17th  $100

Madeline Murillo of Totowa

Sept 18th  $55

Jennifer Cruz of Elmwood Park

Sept 19th  $20

Luz Molina-Morales of Elmwood Park

Sept 20th  $ 25

Garbowske Jedinga of Elmwood Park

Sept 21st $ 50

Nancy Hunt of Hoboken

Congratulations to all !!