New Milford Flag Football Fiesta 10/8/16

Great Coaching Was In Abundance

Updated Monday October 10, 2016 by Richard Mucci.

There is a saying that attitude reflects leadership.  That could not be any more evident than with this past weekend’s Flag football action with Elmwood Park against New Milford.  From both cheer coaches and assistants to each football program’s coaching entire staffs, there is no question why both towns have successful and flourishing programs.  Coaching this level takes a select breed of individual who needs to be truly dedicated to the game by remaining patient in teaching our youngest children within the organizations.  Those people can’t be thanked enough and they are not only doing the job in being coaches, but doing it very well.

As we give thanks to all those that help support the organization, let us not forget about the participants who every day learn more about the great sport of football.  The action became intense at some times with thrilling QB sneaks and fake reserves for touchdowns while on the sideline each cheer squad had perfected their routines through countless practices by displaying flawless support and show.

The flag game was well documented this past weeked and you can find a large number of pictures and videos via the links below:

Flag Football Pictures

Flag Football Videos

Football was in the air this Saturday and the Flag programs where the ones to set the tone for the rest of that day.  There is nothing better than watching the next crop of athletes learn about a sport that is close to our hearts.  By the look of all the young participants overall enthusiasm and dedication, it already appears that it’s close to theirs as well.  The flag football game was such a great event this past weekend we all are looking forward to see these young men and women continue to grow and move forward within the organizations for years to come.  What a great game!